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    Mundybash grew out of the Shor ulus founded a century ago. The name taiga village is translated from the Shor "here head". It is surrounded by the slopes of the foothills of the Kuznetsk Alatau and is located in the valley of the Telbes and Mundybash rivers, which together with five dozen small rivers and streams flow into the Kondoma. The bridge Mundybash offers a panorama of the foothills of the Shoria.

    Ambitious project aims to give new impetus to the development of company towns Mundybash and empower tourism cluster of Kuzbass. The investor of hotels and cafes have become the Novokuznetsk businessman Mikhail Anishchenko. It is planned to build a hotel, guest houses, a lift, a cafe, a restaurant, a gas station with a minimarket, a tire shop and a boiler room in the new sports and tourist center. All this will create more than 100 jobs.


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